With laser focus, Vector Solutions is looking to the future. We spend each day creating online learning and performance solutions that make a difference in the workplace. Each of our strategic initiatives is like a piece of a puzzle, each fitting into the bigger picture and providing a vision of our end goal. The result is safer, more compliant and more effective organizations.

Performance software at your fingertips. The ability to access content on the job, make critical decisions, improve performance and increase safety.


To achieve maximum performance, organizations will need to capitalize on a new form of analytics. Analytics that are available anytime, anywhere.


Performance Support
Imagine a world where operational support is always available. Every answer to every question at a moment’s notice. It’s possible with Vector Solutions.


Content Modernization
There is another level of innovation on the horizon. Modernized content that captivates users. Vector Solutions is at the forefront of this revolution.


Mobile-Friendly Tools for Managing Training

Mobile-optimized training management capabilities have never been more crucial for today’s workforce. Vector Solutions is focused on creating powerful, mobile-ready applications and interactive, modernized course material that will increase organizational performance.

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Technology That Delivers Data at a Moment’s Notice

The ability to spot high-risk, dangerous behavior and respond in real-time with customized, automated training material is right around the corner. Vector Solutions is working to build applications that provide clients with learning resources at the right time. The end result will help clients finish work safetly, correctly and efficiently.

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Actionable Insight for Increased Performance

Vector Solutions is focused on technological advancments that tell a story. Not just numbers on a spreadsheet. Usable information that can change what happens next. The future generation of training management software will enable customers to visualize their data and take immediate steps to achieve measurable improvements.

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Cutting-Edge Training Courses That Captivates Users

Vector Solutions is working to transform eLearning. To be catalysts in the next round of training innovation. On-demand resources featuring scenario-based lessons, virtual reality, microlearning, and course-development applications are the future of training in the 21st century.

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The Future Is Coming. Find Out What’s Next at Vector Solutions.

The mission at Vector Solutions is to change the world through revolutionary technology that saves lives, inspires professionals and elevates performance. If you’re interested in learning what’s next at Vector Solutions, contact us today and a representative will be in touch.

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