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Bay News 9 Interview

An “In Depth” interview with Vector Solutions CEO, Jeff Gordon, explores the company’s growth and new innovations.

Tampa Bay News 9 Feature: “Pasco firefighters help create virtual reality training video”

Vector Solutions and Target Solutions partnered with Pasco County Fire Rescue to create a 360 Virtual Reality (VR) video using the latest drone technology to film real-life simulations for fire-firefighter training.

What Is Microlearning?

Recalling an individual skill while out in the field can mean the difference between a job incident and performing effectively. In many cases, time is of the essence.

Adapted for today’s learning demands, “microlearning” uses easily-accessible, bite-sized lessons that professionals can better retain and refer to quickly on the job. Essentially, microlearning improves the comprehension of full-length training courses using one- to three-minute hyper-focused objective videos that can be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

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Each objective is a key point from a course, which employees can use as a refresher on their training rather than rely solely on memory. This puts learners in control of the information they review to better complete tasks.

For example, before heading out on a call, firefighters can go over procedures or refresh their memories on specific equipment for the environment they’re going into. Potentially, a firefighter is attaching a hose on a type of fire hydrant he or she hasn’t used before but remembers it from a training course. Using microlearning, rather than sorting through an array of slides inside an hour-long course, the firefighter can look up the proper procedure in a brief video or diagram.

With microlearning, audiences are more easily able to consume and retain information. Available in a simple app, learners have the microlearning performance support they need at their fingertips. This delivery of information means lessons are quicker to access at a moment’s notice. For the organization, this can fewer overall mistakes on the job, and a lower long-term cost of training.

“Behind the Scenes” on PBS

Proudly Providing the Education and Resources to Help Everyday Heroes Improve Performance.

Vector Solutions is featured in the short-form documentary, “Behind the Scenes,” hosted by James Earl Jones and airing on PBS stations across the country. The education portion of the series features groundbreaking learning institutions and significant organizations of merit. In this segment, “Behind the Scenes” analyzes how technology is changing the way heroes and the thought leaders who design, build and protect our world are trained.

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Vector Solutions and its brands RedVector, TargetSolutions and LearnSmart are showcased leading the charge to make organizations safer and more capable via cutting-edge learning and performance support solutions. Whether it’s a firefighting team responding to an emergency, an engineering firm developing and designing infrastructure or a manufacturing organization creating a new product to bring to the market, Vector Solutions provides the resources to improve the performance and meet the needs of these everyday heroes.

How Real-Time Data Helps Maximize Performance

Real-time data provides organizations with a deeper understanding of their performance and provides valuable intelligence into future training needs.

How can your organization benefit from greater intelligence? Real-time analytics will change how your organization trains and influence future performance. By utilizing real-time data, you will have a deeper understanding of training needs and what you need to do to improve learning development and enhance overall performance.

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Data allows managers to access analytics when they need it. As data becomes more accessible, information is more impactful. Faster data will lead to better decision making and more efficient training programs that reinforce essential concepts.

“Training won’t just be a box you check. It will be triggered by metrics that identify a need,” said Vicki Zambito, Senior VP of Product, Content and Communications for Vector Solutions.

The Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Training

Today’s workforce is increasingly concerned with greater flexibility and work-life balance. The use of smartphones also continues to grow with an expected 2.3 billion users by the end of 2017. Due to these trends, mobile training solutions are becoming more important to meet the needs of employees and adapt to developing technology.

With this in mind, Vector Solutions is focused on creating mobile-compatible training courses that give students flexibility when completing training assignments.

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Regardless of the industry, mobile-optimized training capabilities are useful to deliver training. Rather than relying on instructor-led lessons and a customary eLearning system, mobile training gives learners control over how they receive information. Vector Solutions’ mobile-compatible courses address the growing need for dynamic and portable training.

Performance Support Solutions for Organizations

Performance support solutions are convenient workplace resources that provide operational support at a moment’s notice. The real-time push of relevant, personalized knowledge not only optimizes performance, it closes risk gaps, leading to safer, more capable employees and safer, more capable organizations.

Imagine being able to address high-risk behavior at the exact moment of need. Performance support solutions are learning resources for individuals in their workflow that can reduce mistakes and improve safety. Performance support solutions can also be data for decision makers that provides valuable insight into training needs.

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Performance support is shaping the workforce with convenient, user-friendly, and relevant information that helps organizations optimize productivity.

Although performance support complements training, it serves a different function for organizations and their employees. Training helps employees gain a new skill, such as TargetSolutions’ online continuing education courses, while performance support helps employees effectively apply the skill to a job.